SANACON is an engineering office specialized in concrete damage diagnosis and repair advice. SANACON offers its services for projects in the public, industrial and residential segment of the construction sector. This can be done directly on behalf of the owners of a structure, but studies are often also carried out on behalf of management companies, architects, engineering offices and contractors.

SANACON was founded in 2015 by Tim Soetens and Mathias Maes, both PhDs in engineering sciences. Since 2017, SANACON has started expanding the engineering team. In this way SANACON can continue to meet expectations within a rapidly growing market for concrete renovation and concrete advice in general.

On this page you will find all information about the current SANACON team of concrete experts.

Our Team


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Project engineer


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UGent Spin-off


As a spin-off from the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, SANACON has unique expertise that can be converted into  support for the construction sector through a customer-oriented approach. SANACON goes further than traditional damage diagnosis by providing both practical and scientifically based advice.

As a UGent spin-off, SANACON has a structural partnership with the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, an established value in the field of services to the concrete sector in general.

In addition, SANACON can rely on the scientific advice from Prof. Dr. Stijn Matthys and Prof. Dr. Geert De Schutter.

Mission & Vision

SANACON desires that nobody has to worry about the condition and maintenance of concrete structures. A world without concrete problems, in which concrete is considered to be a sustainable material and the basis for the future.

SANACON strives to achieve this by converting scientific knowledge and research methods into practical, useful advice tailored to a clients needs.

SANACON strongly believes in the values of openness, respect and teamwork. This ensures that there is a good team spirit both at SANACON itself and in the relationship with all stakelholders involved in a project.

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