Structural analysis

When re-designing old structures, the necessary information about the reinforcement configuration and the quality of both the reinforcement steel and the concrete is sometimes not available. Sanacon offers the possibility of detecting the reinforcement in beams, columns and plates using non-destructive methods. Sanacon also offers destructive testing that is necessary to know the diameter of the reinforcement and/or the concrete compressive strength (by means of tests on drilled cores). With this information, stability agencies are able to test the load-bearing capacity of the structure against current standards.

  • Reinforcement scans by means of electromagnetic equipment or radar technology
  • Destructive check of the diameter of the reinforcement after the concrete cover has been removed
  • Checking the type of reinforcement (smooth or ribbed bars)
  • Extract reinforcement bars for conducting tensile tests (determine steel quality)
  • Drilling cores to determine the concrete compressive strength
  • Performing test loads with real-time measurement of the deformations (both short-term and long-term loads)

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