Company partners

With a view to qualitatively supporting our business processes, SANACON has established partnerships with various companies.

As part of this, two separate business branches BETON+ and DIMCOST have been established since the end of 2022. These are explained in more detail below.


Our partner for operational support, focusing on

  • Performing proper sampling such as core drilling,
  • Performing soundings (viewing windows),
  • Determination of tensile strength,
  • Determining compressive strength based on drilled cores
  • Drilling in special ATEX zones

More information is available at


From now on, the development of our calculation software continues as a separate brand and company: DIMCOST.

Below, we explain some of the strengths of the platform.

  • Filtering and statistical processing of measurement data
  • Interpretation of measured carbonation depth and chloride profiles based on concrete coverage at both element and construction level (or zoning into clusters of elements per construction).
  • Scientifically accepted mathematical models to determine the probability of depassivation (necessary condition for the development of reinforcement corrosion)
  • Visual representations by means of clear automatically generated tables, graphs and histograms
  • Comparison of large data sets to determine zoning of concrete repairs (needed for tunnels, bridges, viaducts, large industrial sites, etc.

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